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JACK JK-T3 Cutting Machine - Specification

Knife Holder

It is made of special material and cast with 2000 tons of friction and pressure machine. It is tempe


The blade is made of authentic Swedish HSS high speed steel . It is Tough and rigidity, high tempera


The motor is made of the best silicon steel sheet and high temperature enameled wire. It has strong


The height of the base is reasonable, the shovel is easy, and the shovel is not covered. The base pu

Copper Groove

The copper groove is configured by a tin-phosphorus bronze formula with a high wear resistance coeff


The screw is machined by a thread grinder to achieve a strong rigidity, ensuring smooth running up a

Gearbox Design

When the gearbox is filled with oil, the gears are fully lubricated, the wear resistance is improved

Lower Gear Carrier Bracket

By the American CNC machining center, the part can process to the highest precision, which is high s

Slide Assembly

The sliding assembly is designed with bearings for flexible rotation, high strength and wear resista

Sharpener Press Plate

The pressure plate is strong enough, is not easy to wear and deform, and the angle of the pressure p

Wide Range Of Products

Suitable for cutting any fabric, the 1168W power machine is perfect for heavy fabrics.


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JACK JK-T3 Cutting Machine
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