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JACK S5 Sewing Machine - Specification

Voice Guide

Using the machine, it will teach you the various things itself works, if there are errors it will no

Double USB Interface And QR

Through the double USB port it is possible to power or charge external devices and update the softwa

Aluminum Handwheel With Caliber

The aluminum frame is fingerprinted for better taken and externally there is an indication for the c

Precise Bartack

The overlapping of the stitch can be done in a great way precise in all stitch lengths.

High Perforation Capacity

It can penetrate more than 110 layers of A4 paper and the ultra-heavy fabrics of work shoes can be e

Short Thread Cutting (X) Optional

Thread Trimmer precise and clean, thanks to its new design the thread it is cut to just 3mm so you d


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JACK S5 Sewing Machine
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