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JACK F5 Sewing Machine - Specification

Direct Drive Motor

It is an integrated compact solution that does not expose any dangers. Furthermore, silence is guara

Low Consumption

Consumption is almost zero thanks to the standby mode. During sewing, consumption is significantly l

Needle Position

Sets whether to stop the needle at the top or bottom at the end of the seam.

Adjustable Speed

With the + and - keys you can adjust the speed digitally and while you work it is shown in real time

Thread Cutter

The integrated small knife is useful for manually cutting the thread at the end of the seam.

Integrated Keys

The stitch-to-stitch key is used for precision work. The LED light is integrated into the machine an

Integrated Bobbin Winder

Wind the bobbin while you are working, as soon as it is finished you will have the next one ready.

Voltage Protection

Unstable current? Don't be afraid to damage the machine. The voltage protector will monitor the rang


The machine can sew from light to heavy material, adapting to all types of clothing. Also for very h

Complete Solution

By purchasing the complete machine you are provided with the complete kit: table, stand and bobbin h


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JACK F5 Sewing Machine
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