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JACK A10+Sewing Machine - Specification

Touch Screen Panel

Select the sewing mode, adjust the stitch length and activate the various additional functions with


A long press on the icon is enough to change the settings of the corresponding function. Furthermore

Digital Feed Dog Movement

4 elliptical movements depending on the fabric you use, choose between normal, smooth, soft or heavy

Fabric Thickness Detection

Thanks to a sensor, the machine detects a different thickness and modifies the movement of the feed

Short Thread Cut

Thanks to the double knife, the remaining thread is within 3mm: you no longer need to finish the gar

Increased Arm

300mm◊128mm Large operating space, easy input, even down jackets, quilted jackets and small sewing p

Silent Digital Bartack

Thanks to the step motor for the electronic bartack, the noise has been drastically reduced: this al

Sewing Motifs

You can create beautiful ornamental stitches, thanks to the alternating stitch length. Also they can

No Oil

The oil pan is sealed, preventing dust from entering, keeping the machine clean and durable, ensurin


The head is dry, the needle bar in black DLC (treatment that is used to give high hardness and wear

WiFi Industry 4.0

Thanks to the integrated wifi it is possible to connect to the machine from the App or from the WebA

Operating Guide

Let the machine help you: there are tips, operation guides, quality control and product heads. *The


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JACK A10+Sewing Machine
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