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JACK A2B Sewing Machine - Specification

Automatic Thread Trimmer

At the end of the seam it is possible to activate the automatic thread cutting function which activa

Increase Productivity

Thanks to the automatic thread trimmer, efficiency is increased by 30%, thus increasing production c

Computerized Integreated Panel

Quickly activate functions such as automatic cutting without any mechanical adjustment, or select ne

Save Thread

On a normal machine without thread trimmer, you have to cut it by hand leaving the tail of the threa

For Light And Heavy Fabric

Expand the range of applications: this machine is suitable for various types of fabrics, such as shi

Integreated Motor And Control Box

The eco servo motor integrated into the machine head allows you to save 71% of energy. Compared with

Safety First

The machine has an anti-overturning alarm that blocks its functions when it is overturned to ensure

High Voltage Protection

Unstable current? Don't be afraid to damage the machine. The voltage protector will monitor the rang

LED Light

3 levels of intensity, offers omnidirectional brightness, reduce eyestrain.

Integrated Bobbin Winder

Wind the bobbin while you are working, as soon as it finishes you will have the next one ready.

Stitch 2 Stitch

Thanks to the stitch-to-stitch button located within easy reach on the machine head, even the most d


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JACK A2B Sewing Machine
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