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JACK JK-9820 Sewing Machine - Specification

Thread Clamp Structure

Optimizes the locking of the thread and avoids problems at the start of the seam.

Noise Reduction

Special machining on gears and camshafts to reduce vibrations and noise (80dB reduction).

Accurate Stitching

The machine controlled by the servo-motor makes sewing precise even at high speed. The control syste

Stitch Jump Reduction

Once the hooks and other mechanical parts have been optimized, the machine can sew with lighter thre

LCD Display With Icons

The cutting length and the position of the blade can be precisely adjusted.

Air System

Improved air attacks to make connections faster and stronger

Big Operation Space

The 120mm machine body space is suitable for different types of fabric and garment types, especially

Advanced Thread Trimmer For-02

The model 9820-02 2mm short thread cutting, can sew large models for both casual trousers and jeans.


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JACK JK-9820 Sewing Machine
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