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JACK JK-1790G Sewing Machine - Specification

Touch Screen Panel

The software allows you to design buttonholes and program their repetition, you will find 31 pre-ins

Integrated Control Box

Small and compact without external wires allows easy installation and simple transport.

Step Motor

The fabric feed, the movement of the needle and the knife for cutting the buttonhole are controlled

Semi-Dry Head

No oil, no head and semi-dry hook to avoid dirtying the material.


Possibility to baste the buttonhole, it is especially useful in stretch fabrics.

Integrated Fan

The cooling fan can greatly reduce the temperature and extend the life of the machine.

Multi-Cut And Continuous Sewing

The multi-cut allows you to cut long buttonholes without changing the knife, while the continuous se

Electronic Tension

Set different tensions for each edge of the buttonhole and save them in 2 different presets, prevent

Advanced Automatic Bobbin Winder

A knife has been added that allows you to cut the thread quickly and to hold the thread once cut, so

For Knitwear (K)

Subclass for knitwear and stretch fabrics with dedicated convex plate and arched foot to reduce the

Short Thread (X)

Suitable for sewing buttonholes on light fabrics such as shirts. The remaining wire is 2.5 mm, this

Bobbin End Detection (F13)

An alarm warns you in time to change the bobbin and the machine stops automatically before the lower

Industry 4.0 (+)

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can modify the parameters and control the productivity of t


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JACK JK-1790G Sewing Machine
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