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JACK MS-90A Sewing Machine - Specification

Adjustable Presser Foot

Prevents stitch skipping, thread breakage, prevents product damage and meets the sewing requirements

Open Window

The opening and closing of the work surface allows easy threading of the machine and a quick change

Big Operation Space

The 1400x800mm Pattern Field is managed by the X-dimension system that allows you to manage the X ax

Wide Range Of Feet

It is possible to choose the presser foot from a wide range, so that it meets the different requirem

RFID Reader

The radio frequency reader reads disks where you can save the drawing of sewing endless times. When

Industry 4.0 (Optional)

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can modify the parameters and control the productivity of t

Screw Transmission

The double screw transmission for the Y direction which allows to improve efficiency unlike the belt

Easy Insertion Of Sewing Designs

The sewing pattern can be created using the software on a personal computer and can be easily import


80W laser device to cut the material before or after sewing it.


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JACK MS-90A Sewing Machine
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