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JACK C5S Sewing Machine - Specification

Chaincutter Wasted Suction (KS/KH)

The front part sucks up the scraps of material, while the back part sucks up the cut threads and all

Automatic Batchlatch (BK)

Automatic device to increase the quality, avoids damaging the fabric in the formation of the chain r

Short Thread

Thanks to the automatic electric cutter controlled by the photocells, the cut is 5mm both in front a

L/M/H Selector

By means of a lever it is possible to change the inclination of the feed dog according to the type o

Vocal Guide

Using the machine it will teach you the various functions itself, if there are errors it will notify

Speed Up To 7000 R.P.M

The maximum speed is 7,000 rpm, which is 35% faster than a standard car.

Semi-Dry (C5S-W)

Grease lubrication system, needle bar in DLC (diamond like carbon), prevents the oil from damaging t

Durable Pieces

The main moving parts are anti-wear, ensure a long life in high-speed operation.

Industry 4.0 (Optional)


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JACK C5S Sewing Machine
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