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JACK C2 Sewing Machine - Specification

Automatic Chaincutter

Save 1.2m of thread with each seam, thanks to the automatic cutter that cuts the thread within 10mm.


Thanks to the double photocell placed on the work surface, the trimming is started automatically at

Computerized Panel

Needle position at the end of the seam, speed adjustment, activation of the LED light are functions

Three Modes Of Operation

Select the type of fabric between conventional (B), with irregular cut edges (C) and mesh such as or

Direct Drive Motor

The single shaft structure reduces vibrations by increasing stability, in fact it allows to reach 60

Oil Proof

With the oil suck-back device, coupled with the built-in oil seal and sealed needle bar, you won't h

High Speed

High Performance

Economic Thread Savings


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JACK C2 Sewing Machine
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